Knoppix STD: "Knoppix STD 0.1 security tools distribution"


heise Security - Papers - Wurm-Familien über Kompression ermitteln: "Welcher Wurm stammt von welchem ab? S. Wehner beschreibt in einem Paper, wie einfach sich ein Schädling einer bestimmten Familie zuordnen lässt. Dazu komprimiert er die Schädlinge mit bzip2 -- ein simpler Vergleich dieser Dateien gibt Rückschlüsse auf die Familie. In den Auswertungen sind solche Verwandschaften in einem Schädlings-Soziogramm dargestellt. :
S. Wehner, Analyzing Worms using Compression"


A brief analysis of the ilookup trojan: "An analysis of the Ilookup Trojan.
Just when I though it was save to once more to use internet explorer I received an email bringing my attention to this webpage that according to him used an exploit that affected fully patched internet explorer 6 browsers. Being rather skeptical I carelessly clicked on the link only to witness how it automatically installed addware on my pc!!!...."


Introduction to Vulnerability Scanning
: "Home Security (via NetSec): Wireless Security and Monitoring for the Home Network. Basically it's a discussion of a home-grown security setup for the home wireless network. Note: many of the tools used are good for wired networks also."
PCWorld.com - Lock Down Your PC: "Lock Down Your PC Hackers. Spammers. Even rogue coworkers and employees. How can you keep the bad guys out and the good data in? Safeguard your system's perimeter with these 29 beyond-the-basics security steps."


cascina grassi:

Zurück aus dem Urlaub kann ich jetzt von der herrlichen Landschaft im Piemont erzählen, von den unheimlich netten Vermietern Carina und Stefan und ihrer schönen Cascina Grassi, der sehr persönlichen Atmosphäre dort, von all den Leckereien, die wir verzehrt haben und vor allem, wie unglaublich günstig alles war. Wer will da noch in die Toskana fahren? In meinen Augen ist das Piemont und auch unsere Unterkunft in der Nähe von Bubbio ein echter Geheimtipp und genau das, was wir für unseren Urlaub gesucht hatten.

back from holiday i can tell you from the wonderful laadscape in piedmont, the really congenial houseowners carina and stefan and their lovely restaurated Cascina Grassi, the personal atmosphere there, the delicious food, we consumed and especially the cheap prices for everything. Why thinking/dreaming of tuscany? In my opinion, the Piedmont and especially our lodging nearby bubbio is a real insiders' tip and exactly that kind of accommodation we were looking for.
F-Secure : News from the Lab: "Here's links to two interesting virus-related papers released recently: 'A worst case worm', by Nicholas Weaver and Vern Paxson (and Stuart Staniford) - these are some of most respected researchers on worm spreading theory. In this paper they speculate that a worst-case worm could cause $50 billion or more in damage by attacking Microsoft Windows systems and carrying a destructive payload. 'Is Microsoft a threat to National Security? The effect of technology monocultures on critical infrastructure', by a Gorman, Kulkarni, Schintler and Stough at the George Mason University. To balance the previous paper, this research shows that while Windows worms can be really expensive, they don't necessarily take down the world."

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