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SecuriTeam.com ™ (XPLizer - Windows Hardning Frontend Tool): "XPLizer - Windows Hardning Frontend Tool"


F-Secure : News from the Lab: "More and more news on organizations that have been hit by Sasser is coming out. According to the sources quoted below, there have been Sasser-related problems in organizations and companies all over the world, including: - County hospital in Lund, Sweden (5000 computers and X-ray equipment offline) - European Commission in Brussels (1200 machines offline) - Coastguard in UK (19 regional offices offline) - British Airways in UK (flights delayed) - Westpac Bank in Australia (offices and call centers closed) - Post Office systems in Taiwan (1600 machines offline, 400 offices affected) - Heathrow airport in UK (computers at one terminal offline) - Public courts in Cantabria, Spain - Hong Kong government systems - State hospital of Hong Kong - Suntrust Bank in USA - American Express in USA - Nova University in USA"


Sasser: "Sasser Worms Exploit Microsoft Vulnerability"
informations about sasser
K-OTik Sécurité Informatique - Pôle francophone de Recherche : "Windows Lsasrv.dll Remote Universal Exploit XP/2K (MS04-011)"
-> patch as fast as you can :-)


heise Security - Papers - Viren ausbremsen: "Justin Balthrop, Stephanie Forrest, M. E. J. Newman, Matthew M.Williamson, Technological Networks and the Spread of Computer Viruses"

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