DNS Cache Snooping: "Abstract This research paper presents a technical overview of the technique known as DNS cache snooping. Firstly, a brief introduction to DNS is made followed by a discussion on common misconceptions regarding DNS sub-systems. Then this relatively unknown technique is introduced, followed by a field study to assert the overall exposure of the Internet to this threat. Also, a set of devised abuse scenarios that rely on cache snooping is presented. This paper concludes with recommendations on how to reduce exposure to this problem, including proposed changes to the BIND DNS server implementation."


Researcher Claims Online Anti-virus Scanners Buggy: "UPDATED: Online scanners from Symantec, McAfee and Panda all contain buffer overflows. One researcher claims an attacker could execute arbitrary code, another just that they could crash the browser. Panda reports their software has been fixed and Symantec and McAfee confirm the browser crash...."

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