Yahoo! News - Nine Famous Hacks: "1.) Captain Zap: Ian Murphy, aka 'Captain Zap,' was the first person convicted of hacking. He and three friends broke into AT"

Slammer: One year later: "Cash machines froze. Airlines and hospitals dusted off paper forms to schedule reservations and track patients. This was the scene on Jan. 25, 2003, shortly after the Slammer worm appeared and quickly began spreading around the world, flooding computer networks with worm-generated traffic and knocking vital database servers offline"
joatBlog: Cisco Router Exploits: "TaoSecurity has a pointer to a two-part article on Cisco Router exploits. The vulnerabilities discussed in the article are already well-known and easy to configure around. That's not to say that any/some/most/all of the routers on the Internet are configured properly."


Bluetooth Flaws : "Two recently posted papers about bluetooth flaws:"

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