Internet Storm Center: "If you know of someone who is about to receive a new computer, or if you have received one yourself, please, please read our new Windows XP survival guide, 'Windows XP: Surviving the First Day. (PDF)' A link to this paper can be found at the bottom right of the Internet Storm Center home page (http:/isc.sans.org) under the heading 'ISC Analysis'. The specific link:http:/isc.sans.org/presentations/xpsurvivalguide.pdf"


Wi-Fi Networking News: Moskowitz on Hiding SSIDs: "The latest security white paper from Robert Moskowitz explains clearly why hiding Wi-Fi network SSIDs is futile and counter-productive: Moskowitz, the fellow who wrote a month ago about how poor key choices with WPA allows cracking, provides more analysis on the Wi-Fi security front. His WPA paper is also available at that link."


Best Practices for Wireless Network Security - Computerworld: "Wireless technology is dramatically changing the world of computing, creating new business opportunities but also increasing security risks."
Download the Cisco Router Security Recommendation Guides // National Security Agency //: "National Security Agency Security Recommendation Guides Cisco Router Guides Download Page"
Hacked PC's Scary stat:: " 'In fact, at least a third of all spam circulating on the Internet is now sent from or relayed by personal home computers that have been taken over, said Jesse Dougherty, director of development at Sophos, an antivirus and antispam company."
Wi-Fi Networking News: CAntenna Reviews: " This site offers a review of two cAntennas, or antennas made from cans: The antennas come from EtherDesigns and got pretty high reviews here. Plus, they are cheap!"


disLEXia 3000 blog: Worm History: "Worm History Some nice finds the Usenet archives about the Morris Worm: First RTMs anonymous posting warning about the worm - it din't get through because the Internet already broke down. Second Keith Bostics patches not only closing the security holes in BSD the worm was exploiting, but also fixing bugs in the worm itself!"


: "OECD Actively Seeks to Promote a Global Culture of Security?"


Weihnachtsmannweitwurf: again :-): hier noch ein mirror, falls die seite auch offline gehen sollte: meine weihnachtsmannweitwurf highscores sind übrigens: 350,4 meter (mehr geht nicht) als weitester wurf 30,2 meter als kürzester wurf (da sollte man 8.2 meter schaffen... - bekomm ich aber nicht hin *schnueff*"
Weak Passwords and Procedures lead to Online Banking Fraud: "According to several news articles, someone in Taiwan broke into several company's bank account by a combination of using phone and online banking system in addition to weak password to steal money from several companies. The news did not disclose details and the amount of loss. But the procedures he used are..."
Michael Howard: "All this week TechNet is hosting a series of security-related Webcasts. Subjects include: - Using Portable Handheld Devices in a Secure Manner - Secure Network Access - Designing a Secure - Reliable - and Usable Patch Management Infrastructure - Securing Your Exchange 2003 Environment - Effectively Using IIS Security - Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, and Security Auditing - Using the Microsoft Security Tools (MBSA, IISLock, URLScan etc) - Safeguarding Information with Windows Rights Management Services - Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Security Enhancements - Software and Patch Management with Software Update Service, Windows Update and SMS - Demystifying IPsec - 10 Things Hackers Don’t Want You To Know Go to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/webcasts/default.asp for more info."


Intel, CheckPoint team on mobile security: "A new multiyear agreement between Check Point and Intel will couple Check Point's remote access software with Intel's new Centrino mobile computing technology."
Bluetooth wardriving? : "Not sure about this one, the intended use of bluetooth is very different from that of 802.11 - nonetheless, talk of bluetooth security is underway. I think it would more likely be warwalking, since bluetooth is geared toward the PAN (personal area network). If bluetooth takes off, this could be a concern."
Patching: Process matters: "'Patching is the physical process,' says James Williams, information delivery manager for RBC Centura Bank in Rocky Mount, N.C. 'But you have to manage that process, and to do that you need some structure.'"
joatBlog: IPSec Troubleshooting Guide: "For those real hair-pullers, here's ICSA Lab's IPSec Troubleshooting Guide."

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