joatBlog: Linux McAfee Update Script: "For us altruistic types that push our customers files and e-mail through the Linux-based McAfee anti-virus scanner, here's an auto-update script for the signature files. Thanks to Jorge Becerra for writing it and to Bluestream Consulting for reposting it."
vnunet.com Weak monitoring lets hackers run riot: "Computer forensics expert says IT administrators must do better"


InfoWorld: For security ask yourself...what would Microsoft do?: November 21, 2003: By : Security: "Company reveals that it experiences more than 100,000 intrusion attempts monthly"
Security of handhelds far too lax, experts say: "By John Cox and Denise Dubie Network World, 11/24/03 LAS VEGAS - Traversing the carpeted walkways of the Las Vegas Convention Center last week, Caleb Sima looked like many other programmers at Comdex: young, lean, laid-back and with a taste for earth tones."
An automated answer to worms?: "By John Dix Network World, 11/24/03 Last February we discussed an interesting security device from ForeScout Technologies that sits next to the firewall, tracking hacker reconnaissance efforts and then shuts down attempts to break in using information gleaned during that recon."
Gear guards networks against infected laptops: "New CyberGatekeeper works on LAN instead of remotely."


MS Exchange Blog : More IT Forum Session Slides: "More IT Forum Session Slides Erik Ashby, Lead Exchange Server Program Manager at Microsoft was a busy chap at the recent IT Forum running no less than six sessions... here's his excellent Powerpoint slides..."
Sybari blocks IM viruses: "Addressing the inevitable threat of viruses that piggyback on instant messages, Sybari has announced Antigen 7.5 for IM at Comdex in Las Vegas. A two-license version of the program will cost about US$28 per user, with no limitation on server installations. Antigen 7.5 for IM works with Microsoft Corp.'s Office Live Communications Server 2003, released this fall."
vnunet.com Cisco project to tackle antivirus updating: "Antivirus software giants join alliance to ensure third-party networks have latest security protection"
vnunet.com CA joins Microsoft antivirus programme: "Computer Associates to offer free desktop security suite for Protect Your PC campaign"
"Whitepaper on Web Service":


UKauthorITy.com - the news and info service for local e-government: "How do you hack into an IT expert’s computer? Ask for his password…."
BBC NEWS | Health | Q: "There is growing concern over the safety of using mobile phones. BBC News Online examines the latest evidence and advice on keeping any perceived risks to a minimum."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Smart phones fox frustrated users: "Mobiles phones are getting so smart that many people are struggling to use them properly."


News @ Cisco: Getting the NAC of Network Security: "Designed to dramatically increase the capabilities of data networks to protect themselves against viruses, worms, and other security threats, Cisco Systems recently announced the Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) program. NAC will use Cisco routers to enforce admission privileges to 'end-point' devices--personal computers, servers, or PDAs--based on the security status of those end-points and their compliance with a network's security policies."
SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems: "Introduction Threats to wireless local area networks (WLANs) are numerous and potentially devastating. Security issues ranging from misconfigured wireless access points (WAPs) to session hijacking to Denial of Service (DoS) can plague a WLAN. Wireless networks are not only susceptible to TCP/IP-based attacks native to wired networks, they are also subject to a wide array of 802.11-specific threats. To aid in the defense and detection of these potential threats, WLANs should employ a security solution that includes an intrusion detection system (IDS). Even organizations without a WLAN are at risk of wireless threats and should consider an IDS solution. This paper will describe the need for wireless intrusion detection, provide an explanation of wireless intrusion detection systems, and identify the benefits and drawbacks of a wireless intrusion detection solution."
SecurityFocus HOME News: Bluetooth is attack vector for mobile phones: "Security researchers have uncovered a serious flaw in the authentication or data transfer mechanisms in some Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones."
What hackers can find out about you: "After reading more and more about different systems and companies being hacked and/or compromised, I know there are steps I can take to be prepared and see what hackers will be able to find. Where’s the best place to start? - Via the internet"
Adoption of IPS increasing, cautiously: "Blocking attacks with intrusion-prevention systems rather than simply monitoring for them with intrusion-detection systems is slowly gaining ground inside corporations and government agencies, despite worries about disrupting legitimate traffic. But many organizations often don't use the full blocking capability of these products, whether installing them in a firewall-based Internet zone or deep inside a corporate LAN. To gain confidence that blocking won't backfire on them with false positives, organizations are using IPS in what's called mixed or bridge mode. This lets them stymie a portion of attack traffic, such as computer worms, but otherwise lets the IPS work like an in-line IDS."
Attack code surfaces for latest Windows vulnerability: "Computer code that exploits a critical new software vulnerability in the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems is circulating on the Internet, according to security experts. Two examples of 'exploit' code for a buffer overrun in the Windows Workstation Service were posted to security-related Internet discussion groups on Friday and Saturday. Both exploits have been tested and work, according to Dan Ingevaldson, director of X-Force at Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS)."
: "Greeting’s my fellow humans beings my cyber name is raghag and today I will tell you something (actually a lot) about ADS… no no I wouldn’t tell anything about Britney spears promoting a cola company It’s something different ADS don’t mean advertisement it mean Alternate data stream which is a feature in Windows NT file system named NTFS (New technology files system). Let me explain the origin of ADS in Windows as a story."
SilverStr's ramblings at the Sanctuary : Creating Covert Network Comms: "If you have even attended any lectures I have given on the powers of covert communications on networks, you might have heard me talk about my dynamic door opener I wrote to allow me to open a 'window' of time on a server's firewall to allow me to connect from unknown foreign hosts that may not be trusted."
joatBlog: Bridging Firewalls: "Bridging Firewalls 'Bridging Firewalls' have been around for awhile but are only recently getting notice. (SecurityFocus has a nice article about them. For the short version, Bridging Firewalls are effectively network bridges which have IPTables-like filtering added in. They are 'invisible' because you don't add IP addresses to bridges."
vnunet.com Security fixes still bug firms: "Microsoft's patching policies came in for fresh criticism last week, as it shifted the date of its regular patch bundle to the second Tuesday of the month and delayed several key updates."
Aktuelle IT-News auf www.pc-magazin.de - 13.11.2003, 16:48: Schutzgelderpressung im Internet - Unternehmensserver sind bereits seit Jahren das Angriffziel von Hackern. Jetzt sind findige und kriminelle Hacker auf die Idee zu kommen, gleichzeitig Schutzgeld zu erpressen.: "Unternehmensserver sind bereits seit Jahren das Angriffziel von Hackern. Jetzt sind findige und kriminelle Hacker auf die Idee zu kommen, gleichzeitig Schutzgeld zu erpressen."
Donna's German Sausage Expressions: "Those crazy Germans! They just love sausage! Not only do they love it with a fetish but they incorporated it into their language.... You never Sausgage a Language!"
Wired News: Is RFID Technology Easy to Foil?: "CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- You may need to read the following sentence twice: Aluminum foil hats will block the signals emitted by the radio tags that will replace bar-code labels on consumer goods. That is, of course, if you place your tin-foil hat between the radio tag and the device trying to read its signal."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Pickpockets turn to technology: "A potential loophole in security for Bluetooth phones, which could see strangers hacking into your address books, has been uncovered."
Wavelink Press Release: "WAVELINK PARTNERS WITH D-LINK TO PROVIDE WIRELESS PRODUCTS INTEGRATED WITH THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE ROGUE SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR THE ENTERPRISE D-Link To Offer Wavelink Rogue AP Detection and Identification Software On Popular D-Link AirPlus DWL-650 and DWL-120 Wireless Adapter Products."
"Bluetooth Flaws Two recently posted papers about bluetooth flaws: : Serious flaws in bluetooth security lead to disclosure of personal data -- from Adam Laurie Serious flaws in bluetooth security lead to disclosure of personal data -- from Pentest.co.uk I happen to have a T610... however I always keep the bluetooth off, and it should stay that way for a while..."


Security Knowledge Base: "Six months ago, Al Fitzpatrick sat at his desk in a skyscraper in Atlanta's Buckhead district and wondered what his wireless-enabled neighbors were up to. He had no evidence that anyone was trying to hack into the wireless networks at the Atlanta headquarters of S1 (SONE), a financial-services software company where Fitzpatrick is chief security officer. With $250 million in annual revenues and thousands of institutional customers using S1 software to manipulate highly sensitive financial data, Fitzpatrick had reason to be cautious."
Security Knowledge Base: "STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Hackers claimed Tuesday to have cracked the security code on Nokia's new N-Gage, saying they could play its games on other multimedia-capable cell phones. The company said it was investigating the claims."
The Register: "Traditional techniques aimed at stemming the flood of viruses and worms are failing to keep pace with the rise in malicious code."
Inside Cisco's eavesdropping apparatus | CNET News.com: "Cisco Systems has created a more efficient and targeted way for police and intelligence agencies to eavesdrop on people whose Internet service provider uses their company's routers."
IM mgmt. may take years to conquer: "As end users continue to tap services that bring instant messaging into corporate networks, IT executives are realizing they will need sophisticated management tools to create an instant-messaging infrastructure."


News @ Cisco: Cisco Systems Introduces Clientless Virtual Private Network Technology To Broaden Solutions For Remote User Network Access: "SSL 'Clientless' VPN Solution Allows Users High Security Connectivity to Their Corporate Networks Through a Standard Web Browser. SAN JOSE, Calif., November 10, 2003 - Cisco® Systems, Inc. today announced it has extended functionality of its industry-leading Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrators with support for new Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The new capability enables customers to remotely access applications from a standard web browser from virtually any client device. The addition of this capability enables increased flexibility and cost-effective remote access options by concurrently supporting both SSL and IPsec VPNs on the Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrators at no additional cost to customers."
: "MS offices in Baghdad swamped by people trying to collect the $250k bounty on virus coders"
Security Knowledge Base: "Ignore standards for web services security VNUNet.com By Lisa Kelly Monday, November 10, 2003 Security News Home Companies should take the proprietary route to provide security for web services-based transactions over the next three years, according to analysts."
Protecting SMTP Traffic with TLS: "One of the most common security problems that Exchange sites face is how to protect the contents of sensitive messages. You can solve this problem in several different ways, depending on why you're trying to protect the messages and what specific threats you're protecting against."
SSL Broadens VPN Access - Computerworld: "Affordable Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network opens corporate network to more users than a hardware VPN, but it presents new challenges"
InfoWorld: Managing security means locking the back door, too: November 07, 2003: By Wayne Rash: Security: "It’s always entertaining to watch IT vendors quote famous military men. In many cases, the quotes sound good, but it’s clear that the vendor spokesperson hasn’t a clue what the quote really means."
Bowulf Infosec : "NIST Guide to Network Security Testing"
vnunet.com Services fight email threat: "Blocking techniques help tackle spam problem"
: "Quantum Cryptogrpahy I don't know if the product is legit, but this quote jumped out at me: 'There's a big vulnerability people see, because optical fiber is very easy to tap,' says Bob Gelfond, MagiQ CEO, citing one carrier that was finding taps in its Manhattan office 'several times a week.'"
: "Quantum Cryptogrpahy I don't know if the product is legit, but this quote jumped out at me: 'There's a big vulnerability people see, because optical fiber is very easy to tap,' says Bob Gelfond, MagiQ CEO, citing one carrier that was finding taps in its Manhattan office 'several times a week.'"
SecBlog: "WPA Vulnerable to Offline Dictionary Attack"
.:[ Security-Protocols ]:.: "A vulnerability in the RPC server allows remote attackers to cause the service to execute arbitrary code. The following exploit code can be used to test your system for the mentioned vulnerability, even if the following protection mechanisms have been implemented: OverflowGuard or StackDefender."
.:[ Security-Protocols ]:.: "IBM DB2 Multiple Local Security Vulnerabilities"


Gadget may wreak traffic havoc - 10/26/03: "In-car device lets drivers change stoplights; officials fear gridlock, seek to block signal"
MS Exchange Blog : Microsoft Sets Mobility Goal: "OK, so this isn't strictly Exchange material, but it's relevant considering the new mobility features in Exchange 2003. Microsoft has set a target to sell 100 million PDAs and Smartphones running Windows by 2007."
vnunet.com Security experts pay scant attention to privacy issues: "Security experts must lead by example if they don't want colleagues inadvertently divulging personal or company data."
BBC NEWS | Technology | A glimpse inside the virus writer: "When most people catch a computer virus it usually makes them much more diligent and update their anti-virus software more often."
Wi-Fi Networking News: WPA's Little Secret: "Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) has a weakness: poorly chosen short human-readable passphrases can be cracked with a robust dictionary attack offline and without access to the network:"
Wi-Fi Networking News: Weakness in Passphrase Choice in WPA Interface: "Use of PSK as the key establishment method WPA and 802.11i provide for a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) as an alternative to 802.1X based key establishment. A PSK is a 256 bit number or a passphrase 8 to 63 bytes long. Each station MAY have its own PSK, tied to its MAC address. To date, vendors are only providing for one PSK for an ESS, just as they do for WEP keying."


The Register: "Worms spread faster, blended threats grow"
Hewlett-Packard uses virus code to protect its networks from worms: "Hewlett-Packard uses virus code to protect its networks from worms"
Rogue Access Point Leads to Embarrassment - Computerworld: "An unauthorized and undetected wireless access point lets a visitor into the corporate LAN."


Microsoft eyes ID management: "Microsoft is working on identity technology for its future Longhorn operating system that it hopes will evolve into a cross-platform, standard format that companies can use to secure digital relationships and share resources."

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